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What is Adobe Premiere Pro Sequence? How should Sequence Settings be for Short Videos?

Sequence can be defined as the scene plans in a cinema movie. It is the area where the size of the place where I will play a video and the dimensions of the area are located. Short videos are currently popular. Let’s create a sequence for a short video.

From the place where our project files are located, let’s create a sequence by saying Sequence by clicking New Item. In Editing mode, we can see that there are a lot of ready-made sequence settings, or we can set our own sequence dimensions by saying Custom. We can set the frame rate from Timebase. Frame rate shows how fast a series of frames will be displayed in one second. The frame rate used in games is usually 60, while it is 24 in TV video content.

Usually, when we shoot videos on platforms like YouTube, we shoot in 1920×1080 format. However, for a short video, the video should be in 1080×1920 format.